October 11, 2010

Still Waiting

I have to be honest and say that I write this post with no small amount of dissapointment. The last few days have been more than a little rough for me physically and added to that the continual wondering of when I'll actually go into labor makes for some up and down emotions as well. I am tired, miserable, and having some 'not-so-sure-what-it-is' symptoms that cause me to just be more ready than ever to have the birth over with and my body hopefully getting back to normal. (whatever that is too!) So anyway all of that to say that obviously she didn't come this weekend, we're still waiting, and I'm having a little bit of a hard time not being upset about it! Whew, now that I have all that off my chest let me also add that I am still thankful she seems to be doing good as far as we can tell and that since there must be some reason why she just isn't coming yet then I am sincerely trying to be okay with it for her sake. Some days that's just easier said than done....ya know, me being human and all. :-)

As for other things, it has been nice for Blake to be home four days in a row and we've enjoyed doing some fun things together as a family....as much as I'm still able to do anyway. Our van is currently being worked on so that the air conditioner will actually be in working order when Darcey gets here and Blake can finally have his truck back! (although the fact that it's still so hot in the middle of October and we even need so much air is pretty crazy really) Nothing much else to speak of is really going on at the moment. For now we're all just....well, waiting! And no one as much as me of course. Please pray for better health and strength for myself in the coming days and a quick and easy delivery time for us both, whenever that's supposed to be. And hopefully that will be what my next post is all about! Until then.....

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  1. I can only imagine how restless you are. I will be praying for you!! :)


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