October 13, 2010

Making Choices

So today is the big due date. The one you kinda plan you're whole pregnancy around as you countdown and look forward to when the baby is approximately supposed to come. The one which you are more than a little fearful of when it looks like labor starts too far ahead of it. And also the one which you tiredly sigh from the seemingly never-ending feeling of it all when labor hasn't started on or around it. Me, I'm obviously experiencing the second of those scenarios at the moment, although surpisingly enough we had more than one of the first scenarios this time as well. Obviously the Lord has more than answered our prayers for her to be born full-term tho and I am now trying to make sure my petitions are more along the lines of please let it be today....you know, just to be sure everything is clear. ;-)

All kidding aside, I am thankful that things have and still are going good and Darcey seems to be fine. My body is sore and tired and the miserable stage has seemed longer this time than I remember with the others, but I know that things could be so much worse and try to remind myself to keep that in perspective on the days when I'm discouraged. And as for today, I decided before even going to bed last night(or I should say early this morning since I couldn't really sleep)that I could choose to either let it be bad because I was dissapointed she hasn't come yet or I could choose to make it the best day possible in spite of that same fact. Thankfully the Lord seem to help me choose the latter and I can honestly say that overall it's been a really good day!

The kids and I started out with breakfast and then each of them picking something seperate they wanted me to do with them. Delancey chose for us to paint each others fingernails and Dathan chose a game to play. Both of those things turned out to be fun and we then moved on to doing schoolwork. They've been extra interested in math this week for some reason so that's what they wanted to start out with, following up with a couple other subjects. All in all it was a great morning and then my parents came to spend some time with the kids while the weather is still nice. We ended up eating at Grandmother's House for lunch (which by the way if you're in the area and haven't tried you really should!) and then visiting the Safari Zoo that's nearby....another place you definitely need to go to if you haven't been.

The evening has been good too and I've ended up having a much better day than I have in awhile in pretty much every way. We mentioned the fact that the baby hasn't come yet some today(especially the kids since they had seen this date marked on the calender) and of course it's crossed my mind a couple of times that after today I'm technically 'over-due', but I have to admit that considering how good the day ended up turning out just from me deciding to try to make the best of it I really can't have too many regrets. (and yes I think that was probably a major run-on sentence but hopefully it at least made sense!) So anyway that's what today was like for us, even though it could have turned out differently I guess and maybe before I would've thought I wanted it to. I'm thankful God gives us the freedom to choose what we'll make of our circumstances though and that at least for now, I was able to choose just to enjoy where we're at and be content. It was amazing what a difference it made! :-)

But I will wrap up this impossibly long post for now with the hope that the next one will have an announcement in it........if it's supposed to of course!

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