October 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

I can't believe it's Friday already! Well, in some ways I guess this week was a little slow but then in others it seems this month of October is already flying by. As I'm sure you've guessed by now there is of yet no baby arrival to report, but I'm actually doing okay with that for now. Not that I'm not still miserable and ready for when it does happen, but just that I feel more at peace about it just not being time yet. Make sense?
Since we're speaking of babies though, my heart goes out to several mothers I know of at the moment who have either lost one recently, are about to give birth too early, or have given birth and are dealing with them being sick. I know all of that is in God's hands and He knows best but I sincerely ask for your prayers for them as they all face the hard times that each situation brings with it. And that I'll be able to trust in Him as well and not fret over what could be in our own lives. It's so easy to worry and want to try to control things....even when I know I really can't anyway! But please just remember to pray for each one of these I mentioned that they would feel God's grace.

We really haven't had alot else going on this week since I had some rough nights and was tired. Just tried to get some things done around the house and mostly rest. The kids are of course loving the weather still and getting to play outside every day. We had my parents and brother over last night for supper and just enjoyed visiting for awhile. And today Blake stayed home from work to get a jump start on the long weekend. But although we'd had some plans originally, we actually ended up just staying here and not doing any of it! It was nice just to take it easy though and just be home for a change. Now I'm needing to head for bed so we can get up early in the morning for another flag football game. They're short some players and the head coach is out of town so Blake is taking his place and Dathan will be playing the whole time....should be exciting to watch! :-)

Everyone is still rooting for Darcey to be born this Sunday so she'll have the cool birthdate of 10-10-10, but I'm not really getting my hopes up at this point. Although if she's supposed to come then I definitely wouldn't object! I'll be sure to let all of you know if that happens of course. So until then....

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  1. Wouldn't 10-10-10 be so very cool!!! Maybe, just maybe that's what she's been waiting on!!! I'll be waiting to hear!!


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