March 9, 2011

Growing, growing, grown! (almost)

I don't know around your house, but something around here has our kids getting bigger by leaps and bounds! It seems like every day I turn around they're looking differently or learning something new. It's exciting and a little sad all at the same time. It's hard to believe how quickly they're growing up and even harder to believe how quickly they'll be grown! That being said, here's a couple of things to share about each of them....

Dathan had a growing spurt in the height department the past few months, but has yet to fill back out so he looks so tall and thin right now! (especially compared to the rolly-polly little baby he was) He's doing great with his schoolwork and even does alot on his own before bringing it to me for checking. Which is a big help while I take care of Darcey! His newest goal after he grows up is to become president and he is currently practicing by giving speeches, etc here at home. I love it! :) He's such a great big brother and helper, not to mention just an all around great kid. I'm so thankful to be his mom.

Delancey has also grown taller in the past few months, although she is still little and petite looking....which isn't a surprise since it kinda runs in the family. She is working on her reading and does other schoolwork as time allows for me to help her. She loves being a big sister, but can get a little too excited about playing with Darcey at times. I think she forgets that it's a real baby and not one of her dolls! lol She loves singing, playing, and loving on everyone in the family. I'm so happy that I get to watch her turn into the young lady she'll be one day soon!

As for Darcey, she is growing up right before our eyes and has turned into a chunky little thing. :) Which of course is extremely cute but makes it more than a little difficult with all the holding we have to do! Let's just say I have bigger arm muscles and sorer neck muscles than before. lol She is thankfully doing better with her reflux issues, although there are still good and bad days. Between allergies, stomach, and teething it's still a struggle to care for her at times, but I'm glad for every little bit of progress she makes in feeling better. She is such a happy baby when feeling good and never fails to smile and laugh at all of us. She can roll over from each way easily now and is trying to sit up and even acts like she'd like to crawl when on her stomach. Today she was sticking out her tongue and when I started talking to her about it and showing her mine, she would actually do it over and over again when I told her to. I was more than a little amazed that she seemed to understand what I was doing and saying!! I also think she will be trying to talk early on....probably because we do so much talking to her and around her ourselves. She's gonna have to learn quick so she can get in on the conversations! :) As challenging as things are and even in my sleep deprived state at the moment, I love having Darcey as part of the family.

So there's a little update on the kiddos. It seems I never take the time to keep a record of anything so maybe this will be a little something to look back at and remember what they were doing at these ages. Plus I get to share it with all of you! Until next time....

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