December 10, 2011

Sick, Tired....but Hanging in There!

I've had all kinds of thoughts about doing posts this week. But that's pretty much as far as it's gotten.....just thinking about them!

To be honest, I am just worn out. We had Thanksgiving, a week long vacation to Florida(which I will definitely have to blog about sometime!), and the whole family getting sick before we could make it home so it's been a looooong couple of weeks for us. It's hard when anyone in the family gets sick but when every. single. person. gets's just rough!

I'm tired of nose congestion and sinus headaches. I'm tired of wiping runny noses (including my own!) that are just never-ending. (which by the way is one of the great mysteries of life to me that you can be so stopped up and yet running at the same time?? But I digress on that. For now.) I'm tired of a crying baby who can't tell me exactly what's wrong so I'm often at a loss for how to help her. And most of all I think I'm just tired of it all seeming so hopelessly endless! I go to bed every night hoping and praying that things will be better the next morning, but so far it's like something else just piles on top of what's already wrong.

Now that I've ranted a little and got all that off my chest (although I didn't even begin naming half of what's gone wrong around here.....I was trying to spare you all! lol), let me also add this. I am tired, I am sick, and I am frustrated that I can't just fix it all like I want to, but in the middle of all that I can still see that I am so very, very blessed. We have a warm house from the cold, good food to eat, family that takes care of us when we need it, money for the things we need, 3 wonderful children who make us laugh and fills our days with joy, and most of all a Saviour who loves us more than we could ever deserve.

So yes we may be sick for now. And some days we might be discouraged. But in spite of it all we're hanging in there because of God's amazing grace. And realizing that? Makes all these sick days we've had seem slightly alot less harder than they were before. Please pray that we'll all be doing better soon though. Especially the kids who have both strep and a viral infection. And in the meantime.....we'll just keep hanging in there! :-)

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  1. We've been there...recently. Ours was also Thanksgiving week. It was so rough. There were a lot of tears. Mostly mine. But we also got through it. We are so much better, and I'm in good spirits once again. I'm praying for you, and I know exactly how you feel...really, I do!

    Love you!


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