February 15, 2011

So Far Behind!

I really thought I'd be posting on this blog way more than I have so far. But then life (or I should say Darcey!) happened and it just hasn't gone that way at all. Which is okay I guess, although it does bug me sometimes when something happens or I think of something good I want to blog about and then just never get around to it. Or worse yet by the time I do get around to writing, I've forgotten what was so great that I wanted to share! When I think about all the other stuff in our lives that I'm behind on as well though, the blog kinda takes a backseat anyway. (you know, like laundry piled everywhere, a messy house, etc) So for tonight let me just throw a few quick thoughts out there and hurry to bed while I can grab a couple of winks!

Speaking of Darcey (or I was earlier in that first paragraph anyway!), she is doing alot better than a few weeks ago. I don't think I'll ever be able to claim an 'easy' baby by any means, but for us it's a success that she can sleep propped up by herself for a little while at night! Or that the entire day isn't spent with her screaming in pain all the time. I'm just so thankful at this point that we were able to try a different approach so much sooner than we did with Dathan. I really believe it's helped her alot to go the natural route rather than rely on medicine. Please keep praying for her (and us) though as her health and care is still a challenge. Actually, prayers for all 3 of them would be appreciated since dealing with so many allergies is a struggle for us all!

I mentioned in one of my previous posts about thinking on the word change recently and it's still definitely on my mind. We're seeing not only some changes that the Lord is dealing with our hearts about, but also experiencing what we feel like is satan resisting us allowing God to help us make those changes. Needless to say, it's challenging to keep on praying for something specifically when you know it might make things worse before they get better. But I truly believe if we don't grow weary in well doing that the rewards we'll reap will be more than worth it some day!

Well, I would love to share more with you all but bed is calling my name rather loudly at the moment. Sleep is so scarce and for me not being very restful when I do get some so I really need to try and get it while I can. Until the next time I grab a few minutes......

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