September 8, 2011

Things I Love {Thursday}

It's Thursday! And I'm super excited to be sharing some things I'm just crazy about around here. The hard part will be limiting myself to only a few! :-) Here we go and I hope you enjoy....

~A warm, dry house to stay cozy in on rainy, cold days.

~Watching my two girls play with baby dolls together.

~Waking up to gorgeous sunshine and blue skies after so many dreary days.

~Seeing the kiddos be brave enough do show n tell at the homeschool group get together......even though they were a little nervous.

~Finding another tooth Darcey cut through that I didn't even realize was trying too!

~Long weekends that are spent at home with the family.

~Reading books and things out of the Bible together and then discussing it.

~Hearing my kids ask me to buy them more school books. (yeah, this one still surprises me a little too! lol)

~Knowing that Jesus loves me, cause the Bible says so. :)

Well, there's some things I love this week! Won't you join in and share some of your things?!

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