September 15, 2011

Things I Love {Thursday}

I have a confession about this Thursday post......I get so excited writing about the things I love so much around here that I just had to get a head start this time! I've been updating  as I go so I won't forget any of the fun and crazy moments in our family that happens daily. 'Cause you know after 3 kids the memory part of your brain just doesn't function the same anymore for some reason! :) But anyway now that I have that off my chest, here goes the list of things I love for this week.......

~ Running foot races in the backyard with the kids. (and realizing that it won't be too long until they can actually outrun me!)

~ Watching Dathan play flag football and have fun doing it.

~ Having serious conversations with the kids about important things and seeing them really "get it".

~ Darcey learning how to "rock-a-bye" her baby doll and her bringing it to me so I can do it to both of them.

~ Getting back rubs from Blake cause I'm hurting....without even having to ask.

~ Hearing good news from a friend about something we're praying for her about.

~ Sharing the only slice of lemon icebox pie with my sweet husband.....and him giving me the last bite. :)

~ Watching Darcey decide to just take off with her walking all of a sudden.....and hearing her laugh because she's so excited about it!

~ Me and the kiddos eating supper, going to the park and visiting with Grandma.....and hearing her say it made her day better.

~ Feeling God deal with my heart over things I need to change and knowing that it means I'm His and He loves me and wants what's best for me.

~ Several hours of uninterrupted sleep last night! (which is a RARE occurrence around here I assure you)

~ Looking forward to another chance to volunteer at Choose Life again today!

Well, there's my list! Now it's your turn......what things are you loving this week? Be sure to leave a comment and share them! :-)


  1. These are always fun. Have you read the book "One Thousand Gift"? These post remind me of that. Luke can already out run me, but it's b/c after so many babies my bladder just can't take it. Hum, maybe that was TMI. Ha ha!!

  2. I've seen that book mentioned several places but haven't read it myself yet. It probably is kinda of similiar! I loved what you shared.... especially the mental picture it provided me with. hahaha! Thanks for commenting! :-)


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