September 5, 2011

This Crazy Life!

I decided that considering all the stuff that's gone on the past couple of weeks that I haven't gotten around to blogging about yet I could just do a post where I list them randomly on here. If I can remember them that is! Okay, so in no particular order and as few details as possible, here goes....

~Dathan lost his 6th tooth while using a snorkel in the pool at my parents house the other day. That kid seriously has the most hilarious stories to tell about! But for times sake I won't get into all of them at the moment. :-)

~I had the privilege of volunteering at the Choose Life ministry in Huntsville for the first time last week. It was thankfully not busy so I could get the hang of things a little and I look forward to helping out again in the future! If you don't know anything about that place you should definitely check out the link.

~Directly related to the story above is the part before going there when I was running late getting home to get ready and got locked out of the house because I was driving another car and didn't have my own keys. I had been working outside and was a mess so I was hoping and praying to get in somehow rather than drive over there sweaty and stinky! (I figured that would be the end of my volunteering! lol) After climbing over the privacy fence in a skirt and praying that no one was watching me in that rather unladylike endeavor the back door had thankfully been left unlocked so I was in luck. Hallelujah! I arrived there right on time and at least semi-clean I think. ;-)

~We had an awesome after birthday party for Dathan so he could make use of his cool new army stuff. I think there ended up being about 15 kids here between the 4 families that came so that's pretty impressive! It was a crazy but fun night complete with a campfire and homemade s'mores. Yum! The only two drawbacks were me totally forgetting to make any pictures and one of the little girls who came falling off the swing and breaking her arm. Thankfully it isn't serious but we're hoping that next time we can do without that part of it!

~After being at my parents to help with a yard sale for a couple of days I realized that my severe cat allergies I developed as a child are still exactly that. SEVERE. I'm about 99% sure that being around the kittens she found caused me to start having asthma symptoms and let me tell you I have a new found understanding of just how bad and scary that stuff is! I'm still not back to normal and wondering if I need to make a doctors trip just to get checked out. I guess it could always be worse in the future if I don't. Prayers about that would be greatly appreciated!

Well, I know there's much more that's gone on but I guess that's enough for now. (there's only so much this sleep-deprived momma brain of mine can come up with at one time.) Of course throw in the every day normal family stuff that gone along with all this and it's pretty much been exactly what the title says....CRAZY! But it's our life and we love it (mostly). Even on the days when we really do feel like we're at our "whits end"! :)

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  1. Cute post. So sorry about your allergies! I'll definitely be praying for you! :)


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