February 24, 2012

Child Training Bible {Giveaway!}

I ran across this great looking product on facebook this morning and just wanted to share! I would love to have this as a reference for looking up scriptures when dealing with the kids and to be honest stuff for myself as well! It seems like sometimes no matter how much I think I know where a certain verse is I'm always forgetting when I need it most so this would be amazing to have certain ones already marked so easily. I also like that you can use it with whatever Bible you already have on hand. Since we prefer KJV only and it's sometimes hard to find products in that version then this will work great for us! But without going on and on about it any longer, here's the link for the blog to find out all about it and also sign up for the giveaway if you want! Good luck and be sure to let me know if you win. :)

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