February 29, 2012

Pregnancy News

Here's what going on with baby #4! I'm almost 15 weeks now so finally in the 2nd trimester. Hoping the nausea starts easing more as it gets further along. I definitely have a baby bump (as you can see below!) now, but I guess it's time to start showing, right? :)
Between my regular health issues and "normal" pregnancy stuff I've been feeling pretty rough to be honest. But we're hanging in there and know that we'll get through it all eventually. Knowing that the blessings far outweigh the hardships makes it a little easier to deal with. But I have to admit some days I'm just tired and wanting a break.

Had a doctor's appointment today and everything looks good. The nurse said baby is an active little thing. It kept moving away from the doppler while she tried to get the heartbeat so that was funny. The reading was 174 so it was definitely stirred up! :) We get to find out boy or girl at the next app so we're all excited for that. Oh, and I had also gained 3 lbs since the last time but since I actually missed one and rescheduled it had actually been about 7 weeks. I'm telling myself that isn't too bad. And hoping I definitely don't do that between every appointment. lol

So there's a little update on how it's going. I'll be sure to write again when we find out what it is! Last but not least is a picture of the baby bump.....

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