February 27, 2012

Fun and Crazy Kids!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the kiddos. They have so much fun playing around the house. And of course Darcey thinks she's as big as the older two! Hope you enjoy seeing some of our crazy moments....

   {silly girls....sticking out their tongues instead of smiling!}

      {he's teaching her how to play army....and she loves it!}

 {Delancey was reading to Darcey....sweetest thing ever!}

{Dathan was reading and Darcey just had to be up in the chair with him. She's playing on the "laptop".}

As you can probably tell, we've been spending lots of time in the living room just hanging out these days. But even though I might be too sick to get around much, the kids definitely still manage to find plenty to do! Which is probably why the background in all the pics is so messy. Shhhh, but don't tell anyone, okay? :)

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