February 22, 2012

What We're Up To!

Just a little update on what we've been up to around here the past couple weeks. The month of February seems to be flying by! (except for those days when I'm really nauseated, of course. ha!)

We celebrated my 30th birthday on the tenth. Blake surprised me by staying home from work to help take care of the kids that day since I'd been having a hard week. They brought me breakfast in bed, Dathan gave me a new Bible that he'd secretly asked his dad to buy, and Delancey made me the sweetest card. I got a haircut that afternoon (which I unfortunately do not like) and then we had a yummy, home-cooked supper with my parents and brother that night. All in all, it was a good day.....even if leaving behind the 20's for good was a little bit sad I guess. :-)

Valentine's day was a little rough with me being super sick for most of it. The kids and I had a good day together though and Blake brought home some fun, little gifts and sweets to celebrate. The girls actually ended up going somewhere with Grandma so we got some unusual one-on-one time with Dathan. I think he really liked having his dad all to himself for a change! :-)

And on all the other many "normal" days, we've been mostly hanging out here and just doing life. Lots of laying around time for me with the kids playing together. It's great that the older ones can help with Darcey so much....one good thing about there being a few years difference in age between them! They are all growing like weeds and seem to learn something new or do some crazy funny thing every day. It's really hard not to be able to do alot right now but I'm still thankful to just be here with them.

To wrap things up I guess we're just hanging in there! If we all manage to eat good meals, do a little school work  read or play, and just survive then it's been a good day. :-) As tired as I am at the moment of being sick, I know it will pass one day and I'll forget how tough it really was.....especially in light of how special this new baby is gonna be! Please still keep mine and the baby's health in your prayers in the days to come. And I'll try to check back in again soon...... 

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