June 14, 2012

Mixed In Blessings

I'm not gonna lie, ya'll. The last few weeks around here have been tremendously, horrible more than a little rough. But I just wanted to take a minute and share some blessings we've had in the middle of all the other. 'Cause there's a reason why the Bible has verses like "in everything give thanks", right?! :-)

We went out for mexican food at Cantina Laredo last week and ended up getting a totally free meal! It was really due to a mix-up in seating and we had to wait for awhile before they realized no one had taken our order yet. At first the shift manager just gave us a free appetizer and dessert (which was great!), but then the general manager ended up writing off the whole check. Woo-hoo! This all happened after our van broke down and we found out how much it was going to cost to fix so that just made it a double blessing.

The naturopath allergy doctor we go to has hired a new receptionist who is super sweet. We've been going alot (due to all these crazy reactions we're having) so I've gotten to chat with her a little the past couple weeks. Today I was there for a treatment and as I was leaving she tells me that she does some photography on the side and wondered if I would let her shoot some pictures of the kids sometime? For free! I was like, um, yes that would be pretty great. She says she knows how expensive it can be to get family pictures sometimes and since we're having so much extra financial stuff right now anyway she wanted to help us out. I thought that was pretty amazing!

Those were a couple things that might seem kinda little in  some ways, but just helped me to realize that there usually is something good in our lives to encourage us, even in the midst of bad times, if we just let ourselves see it. And of course it made me more aware of all the other stuff I can look around and see every day too. All the good food we've eaten just this week, laughter and playing from the kids, prayers and talks about the Lord, some days even just sleep, and the list goes on. I'm very thankful for those mixed in blessings God chose to give us to show me that. Again. :-)

What kind of blessings have you found mixed into your life lately?!

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