June 15, 2012

Pregnancy Update Week 30


Linking up again with Sarah for the pregnancy updates. Be sure to click through the picture above to read about other stories!

~ I'm 30 weeks and 1 day. (although I should probably change that since I really think my due date is later and I tend to go over anyway!)

~ Had my first official check-up with the midwife since we decided to switch care. Everything looked great with the baby and Blake and I were both impressed with how they answered our questions, etc. Very excited to be having another "homebirth" experience!

~ Not sure about weight gain since I really don't keep up with it much here at home. I'm measuring right on schedule baby wise though. Although, according to alot of horribly rude um, well-meaning people I look huge and could possibly even be having triplets by the size of my stomach. Seriously?! Do women honestly think those kind of comments (which there have been a ton of this pregnancy!) are appropriate?? Thankfully I've managed so far just to smile sweetly and reply with a "this is just how I look because I'm short" type of answer and leave it at that. Now my thoughts were a different story but we won't go there at the moment. lol Okay, I'm off my rant for now. :-)

~ I'm struggling with not feeling good alot of days. Not really sure how much is pregnancy related and how much is from our allergies. We have MCS and they are spraying the crops around here lately so it's throwing us for a loop! My blood sugar is still a challenge most days although I'm managing to keep it in a pretty good range. I'd rather not have the added stress of having to eat so strictly but I know it's good for me and the baby right now. I know things really could be alot worse health wise so I'm trying to be thankful for that rather than focus on the bad.

~ Glad to be in the 3rd trimester and SO ready to be finished with the pregnancy and meet this little guy! The kids are excited as well, with Delancey requesting that she be allowed at the birth since we're using a midwife. We aren't too sure about that part though! I'm thinking she would do okay til the end and start freaking out over my other-worldly screams during pushing. haha Not sure what the actual plan for the kiddos going with us will end up being but I guess we have a few more weeks to decide.

~ In answer to this week's discussion questions: we have decided not to have any more biological children after this one. Between my health and the health problems all of our babies/children deal with it is huge struggle to add pregnancy on top of all of that. With us also trying to homeschool we feel that I can better care for everything, including the 4 children God's already blessed us with, without continuing to have more. I know alot of people feel that means you aren't trusting God, accepting His gift of children, or even are actually disobeying His commandment but we choose to look at it like being responsible for the gifts we have rather than allowing the fear of doing wrong be the only reason we have more. Also, the whole "be fruitful and multiply" and "having a quiverfull" ideas are kinda debatable in my opinion since there's no actual number mentioned....amoung other things. But that's probably a discussion for a whole 'nother post! :-)

That's all for now though. Please be praying for our health as me and the other 3 children are having a hard time right now. That also causes me to worry about the health of the baby when he's born since we tend to have alot of issues right from the start. Trying to trust that God will take care of it all!


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  1. Lifting you all up in prayer Tyra! Sounds like a rough time right now.

    I love your answer to the discussion question and I agree about the multiply and quiverful thing - we have definitely done that, but it never mentions how many you should have. So much is up for debate and interpretation surrounding this topic. That's why I feel it comes down to your convictions. My husband is still kind of pushing to be done, and I feel I should submit to my husband - isn't that in the Bible too? ;)

    Blessings to you,


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