June 11, 2012

Pictures of 3-D's! ;-)

A few fun moments to share in the middle of these crazy, hectic days!

(please excuse the unfolded clothes.....the picture was just too cute to care! haha)

(this girl is growing up so fast and is currently missing her 2 front teeth which makes her look so different!)

(poor baby had a rough week and not much sleep....she finally gave it up on the couch one day and got a little nap)

       (Darcey's messed up morning (or after nap) hair.....so funny!)

(trying to "dance" around to some music that came on the computer....love the look on his face!)

(I guess we would call her the dancing princess? lol)

(this is Darcey trying to dance around like the big kids....she was totally focused here. haha)

                     (bouncing fun on the birthday inflatable!)

Love these 3-D kiddos and can't wait to add another little D into the mix in a few more weeks! :-)

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