June 10, 2012

Some Crazy Days!

Last week was so all over the place I'm not sure I can even remember it all to write about! But I figured I might as well make an attempt at it anyway. So here goes....

Sleep was practically non-existent most nights due to Darcey waking up and crying several times. We still aren't totally sure what all was bothering her but it definitely was no fun for any of us! Thankfully she has done a little better the past couple nights so that is a huge relief.

Allergies are at an all time high here as well with all of us dealing with reactions in our own yucky ways. I know most people picture allergies to just be sneezing, runny nose, etc (which we do have sometimes too for sure) but for someone with severe allergies it can be so much more than that! I think our biggest problem at the moment is all the chemicals they are spraying on the crops around here. It just weakens us down to where we react worse to all our other ones on top of it. Frustrating to say the least!

Between those two things and the fact we also made several trips to the allergy doctor to try and get some help, it definitely made for a looooong week at times. Add in super tired to feeling bad and let's just say there was quite a bit of irritableness and not so great attitudes going on. (and to be honest some days where the kids watched way more shows than I would prefer just so we could all get a break!) Now that we have the not so fun moments out of the way though let's move on to some of the good parts.....

We kicked off our Bible Bee studying this past week and enjoyed doing the daily stuff it recommended. I will say that it's alot to cover though and due to the kind of week we had we didn't get it all done each day but it was still nice to get started on it and we are looking forward to hopefully getting into it more in the next few weeks. Has anyone else been involved in that before? It's a new thing for us this year so I will try to update more later on how it goes or if we liked it.

Thursday our van decided not to start back up while we were out in town. (yeah, huge bummer!) Thankfully my parents were there as well so we caught a ride home. It ended up being a bigger deal to fix than what we were hoping so not the best news but then again I guess it could have been worse. On Friday we had just found out how much it was going to cost and I was a little down about it but trying to just not worry over it. (wasn't alot I could do anyway!) We were out in town and decided to grab a bite to eat at Cantina Laredo before heading home. It was kinda the early supper shift starting when we got there so due to some miscommunication we ended up having to wait awhile for someone to come take our order. They felt so bad about it that they gave us free appetizers and a dessert to begin with....then the head manager ended up just covering the whole meal! It was definitely a nice blessing after being upset over bad news. :-)

After eating the kids asked if we could check into riding one of the boats they have there at Bridge Street. (it's a local outdoor mall with a small, man-made lake) We decided to see about it and ended up renting a small pontoon for 30 minutes. So fun! The kids all loved it, at least until Darcey saw the carousal in the distance and wanted to ride that instead. She coudn't understand why we couldn't just get out and walk over there on the water. lol We did let her ride after getting off and she had a blast doing that too. It was great enjoying time with the kids and seeing them have so much fun but I was definitely ready to get off of my feet and head home by then!

Saturday was a lazy day mostly with me trying to recuperate from the week. We did pick up the van and carry my parents vehicle back to them. (where the kids of course had to swim for awhile and we ate supper before coming back home.) Today, I am shot and trying to rest and keep my feet up some to hopefully feel better. Not sure if it's just all the stress and business of the past few days or what but this pregnant momma is more than tired! Blake is off at the moment visiting a new church we had heard about while I am trying to pray that we'll find God's will in that area of our lives soon. I know He has the perfect place in mind for us and wants us to be there as much as we do. Sometimes it's just the in between times of actually finding it and getting there that seems the hardest!

But there's a impossibly long post  run-down of our hectic week. Hopefully this didn't seem quite as long as it did! haha I am trying to remember and post some cute things the kids are learning and doing lately but it seems like by the time I get around to writing about them I've forgotten what they are. Maybe I should take notes?! Anyway, more to come soon and until then I am definitely hoping for a quieter, slightly less stressful week starting tomorrow. :-)


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