June 11, 2012

Yummy Garden Veggies!

My parents gave us some vegetables from their garden this weekend and then Blake was able to stop at a local farmer's market and get a few more things. Tonight's supper consisted totally of food fresh from the garden and it was so good! Even the kids were crazy about pretty much everything. We will definitely be getting some more fresh veggies in the near future to have other yummy meals like this one. :-) And now for some pictures, just to make you drool.......

                                                      {fried green tomatoes}

                                                      {fry-baked squash}

                                                  {corn on the cob} 

                                                 {boiled red potatoes} 

                                                {red cabbage slaw}

                                                 {raw, sliced cucumbers} 

                                          {first time eating corn on the cob!} 

                                    {showing her teeth.....that aren't there! lol} 

                                           {he's enjoying the corn too!}

Doesn't all that good looking food just make you hungry?! :-)

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